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Pools and spas have a lot in common, but understanding their
differences is the key to water maintenance

Conceptually, it’s easy to think of a spa as simply a warm swimming pool of manageable size.  And after years of experience with swimming pools, some may consider spa water care to be a scaled down version of the same process.

But there are important differences that make spa water care very much its own field.  Perhaps most obvious of these differences is temperature.  Roughly 20 degrees separates an average pool (approximately 80 degrees) from an average spa (around 100). 

 Those 20 degrees makes a big difference.  It boosts the production of body wastes, speeds chemical reactions that alter water balance and consume sanitizer, and it provides a comfortable environment for bacteria to produce.

 Not only is the water hotter, it is more frothy and fizzy.  It surges through piping and is squirted through nozzles, which has a significant effect on its chemistry – most pointedly, it drives carbon dioxide out of the water.



This is the crucial point.  A lot of the differences you find in spa chemistry as opposed to pool chemistry are based on that lack of carbon dioxide, lost through turbulent flow and helped on its way by high temperature.  This loss of carbon dioxide ends up affecting pH balance and total alkalinity, which can play havoc on a homeowner’s attempt at water balance. 

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Is the water in your swimming pool green?

Depending on weather conditions it can happen fast - almost overnight!  And with the South Texas heat conditions, there isn’t much relief in sight.

Your water looks fine one day and then you get up the next day and there it is ugly, green water! The green color you're seeing is a full-scale algae bloom. Algae are microscopic plant life that get into pools by rain or are carried in by dust.  Algae grows exponentially, doubling and increasing in a very short period of time.  Some of them are free floating while others latch on and cling to the sides of the pool.





                                   Either way, we can clear up your pool water, so don't despair -
                          call today and in a few days your water will be a sparkling blue again! 







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