NWD Does Inspections Right.

Your home is one of your biggest investments… and purchasing a home with an in-ground pool could be the equivalent to the cherry on top of an Ice Cream Sundae! 


However, certain questions need to be answered before such a large purchase.  Questions such as: Is the pool equipment in good operational condition?  Are the pool lights properly installed?  Does the pool motor need to be replaced? 

Our pool inspection service includes a visual and operational multi-point inspection of the pool and equipment.  A New Wave Dave Certified Pool Inspector will check everything from water quality at the time of inspection to the condition of the plaster of the pool shell to proper and safe equipment operations.  All inspections will be done in accordance with state and local code compliance. 

Should any issues be found, New Wave Dave will provide recommendations to repair or replace the noted issue. 

For more information or to schedule your pool inspection please CONTACT US

(New Wave Dave Pool Service will not conduct inspections for underground leaks)