Let Dave Do the Work!

Take the headache and stress out of cleaning and maintaining the health of your pool and spa. Let our certified Service Technicians do the work for you with our Weekly 10-point Pool and Spa Service.

Our Weekly Maintenance includes:

  • Analysis of Water Chemistry

  • Administer and Adjust the Chemicals to Maintain Water Health

  • Brush Pool Walls and Steps

  • Clean Pump and Skimmer Baskets

  • Scoop Debris

  • Visual Inspection of Pool Equipment

  • Inspection of Pool Cleaner and Emptying of Cleaner Bag

  • Clean and Backwash Filters as needed

  • Vacuum as needed

  • Time Clock Adjustments and Verification

Rates are Based On:

Size/Gallons of Pool


Age/Condition of Equipment

Age/Condition of the surface of the pool

Abundance of trees, shrubs and vegetation surrounding the pool

Chemical demand of the pool

Whether a Spa is included with the pool